Plastidip Shields for Belegarth, Amtgard, Dagorhir, LARPs, Cosplay, Props, and Medieval Combat Sports


The Shield-Shop features the work of PNW artist Shannon Cramer, and the shield design of Seth Curran. Seth has a background in shop-crafting and over 15 years of equipment design. Shannon is a painter, sculptor, and art teacher who majored in Fine Arts at the University of Oregon. Their collaborations cover a broad range of media, from foam and leather sculpture, to 2d stencil-prints and paintings.

Having both participated in the medieval-combat-sport (MCS) or “battle game”  Belegarth for over a decade each, Seth and Shannon developed the Shield-Shop to provide excellent sporting equipment that raises the bar for artistry in our games.

Shannon’s Professional Art website can be found here

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