Our work

Most of our shields, listed in chronological order, most recent on top

Watertrough Saloon Business Motif
Mixed media wall art

Stained Glass Flying Spaghetti Monster

Skeletal Ouroboros Memorial Shield

Dragon and Bear

Fitzgerald Crest

Lion Scutum

Elder Scrolls Wolf Shield

“Labyrinth” Fan Art: Goblins and Fire
based on the iconic movie and art

Wonder Woman Amazon Shield

Roman Scutum II

Gaul Horse and Spiral Shield

Celtic “Bone Crow” Round

Shield Knot Shield

Celtic Raven Shield with stitched Leather Edge

Celtic Serpent Round

Gryphon Heater

Celtic Oval (from Historical Reference)

Dwarvish Tower

Thunderbird Heater

Aegis Athena II

Scorpion Yin Yang

Roaring Lion

Ratatoskr and the World Tree

Horde Monster Shield, with faux-leather edge

Combo Backpack/punch Custom ‘Catibus’ Shield

Attack on Titan Teardrop

Bone Crows Tower Shield

Black Riva Klan Monster Shield

House Targaryen from Game of Thrones
Fire and Blood

Blue Compass and Runes

Fountain Guard of Gondor Tower Shield

Owl and Arrows

Dragon and Lamp

Celtic Owl

Swan Shield

Curved Red and Black Wing Shield

Cockatrice Teardrop

Wooden Round Shield

The King’s Soldier Shield

Wooden Plank Shield

Aegis Athena

Three Eagles Kite Shield

His and Hers Quartered Rounds

Smiling Malarky

Battle Crow

Dwarvish Drunken Master  Shield

White Stag of Ordo Kite Shield

Tribal Lion

Ragnar Lothbrok’s Shield

Flaming Stag

Greek Aspis

Set of 5 for the Bone Crows of Dagorhir

Celtic Dogs
Cry Havoc! Let slip the dogs of war

Celtic Bear

Babylon Empire “B”

Urk-Hai Jak-O-Lantern

Willow Tree

Wheel of Time

Orc Rune Wood-shutter Shield

Snake and Eye Forearm Buckler

Imperial Roman Scutum

Compass of Andor

Horde WIN

Warmaster Heater

Warmaster Round

Nevermore Raven

Castle Wall “Rook”

Ace of Clubs

Koi Fish

Megladon Tooth

Classic Kite

Sword and Rose

Re Family Crest

Lord of the Rings, One Ring and Mordor

Game of Thrones, Great Houses

Celtic Raven

Lagertha’s Shield-Maidens

Runic Compass

Urk-Hai Staff of Hermes

Defense of the Ancients 2, prize “shield”

Elite Blood Falcon Tower

Crown and Sword

Fire Nation Backshield

Skulls and Spikes

Valkyrie Skull Shoulder Buckler

Compass Boss Teardrop

Chaos 18 Prize Shield

Standard Round, “leather” finish

Triple Celtic Ravens



God Squad Nail and Wings

Celtic Catalyst Spiral

Brotherhood of the Falcon


Kinght’s Quartered Backshield


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