Plastidip Shields for Belegarth, Amtgard, Dagorhir, LARPs, Cosplay, Props, and Medieval Combat Sports


Videos and FAQ’s

How do you achieve the wood-grain look?

We create our woodgrain using the sculpture process detailed below, and then follow with multiple washes of paint. The best way to paint the illusion of depth is to actually create depth with layer upon layer of slightly different tones and textures. Often a darker brown and black is used as an under-painting, even on white-washed wood. A combination of “dry brush” and solid washes finishes the effect.

Why do you use denim strapping?

We use denim for our default strapping because it is sturdy, light weight, and breathes well so sweat does not pool under the strap. If you prefer your strapping with a different material, or with leather “caps” on the top for a more traditional feel, just let us know and we will customize your order.

What if my shield breaks?

Your shield should not break from intended use and the structural integrity is guaranteed for the first year. Please see our Shield Care and Maintenance page for more info.

Do you do group discounts?

We do! Please see our Specials page.

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