Standard Shields

Standard Round, 26", front view. Faux metal and streatched leather finish
Standard Round, 26″, front view. Faux metal and streatched leather finish

Plastidip Shields:

Our Standard Plastidip Shields are legal game equipment for Belegarth, Dagorhir, and Amtgard Medieval Combat games, and perfect for props, LARPS, and children. Fly your colors with style with a sleek Standard shield come fight day. We came to play.


Standard Plastidipped shields start at $200 for a Strap or Punch Round up to 28,”  and range to $3-400 for Teardrops, Kites, and  Heaters. This shield order includes a smooth faux-leather finish in a single color of your choicea boss (if desired), and your choice in edge faux-metal finish. 

  • All shields are custom built for each client
  • All strap shields have fully adjustable straps and can be used either righty or lefty, and on most arm sizes.
  • For more specific info on our builds, please see Our Process.

Custom  shapes available! At this time all shields are Made to Order. 

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